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Innovation is an integral part of our DNA

Eine Illustration zeigt Menschen, die gemeinsam lernen, forschen und arbeiten.

With the InnoLab_bw Baden-Württemberg was the first German state to create an interdisciplinary platform within its State Government to leverage innovation ‘Made in BW‘.

The InnoLab_bw supports the state ministries in leveraging innovations for future breakthroughs. With this, Baden-Württemberg is the pioneer and first state to establish such an interdisciplinary platform.

Innolab_bw monitors global innovation trends, connects with innovative players and shares their ideas and needs with the State Government. Through various formats, the lab brings together stakeholders from administration, businesses, civil society and academia to initiate innovative projects and develop prototypes. In all this the InnoLab_bw thinks and acts ‘outside the box’, counting on swift and agile forms of work that overcome silo mentality. This is how we achieve faster breakthroughs ‘Made in BW’.

The InnoLab_bw currently pilots the use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within the state administration to reduce repetitive workflows. It furthermore facilitates cooperation between GovTech start-ups and administration, among others by being an active member of the GovTechCampus Deutschland e.V.

Decoupled from administrative routine

The InnoLab_bw is part of the coordinating Ministry of the Minister-President. Its activities are decoupled from daily administrative processes. A strategy board oversees the lab’s work.

The innovation policy objectives of the State Government are based on its coalition agreement (German) and on sectoral strategies. Together with the state ministries, the InnoLab_bw supports the implementation and advancement of those objectives and – in line with the coalition agreement – emphasises collaboration with the start-up scene and administrative reform.

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